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Local fifth-grader wins big at Washington County Fair

Mariah Boumeester won a total of 11 ribbons and two awards for her animals that she showed at the Washington County Fair. Photo by Jordan Willi

Just by looking at her, you would not know that ten year old Mariah Boumeester was the type of person who enjoyed showing animals at county fairs.

But the 11 ribbons and two awards she won at the Washington County Fair from Aug. 4-7 speak for themselves.

Boumeester is a member of the Rolling Hills 4-H club and has been showing animals at fairs for the last two years including at the St. Croix County Fair earlier this summer.

"I have been around horses my whole life," Boumeester said. "My mom's friend showed horses and that is how I first got interested in it."

Boumeester, a fifth grader at Houlton Elementary, has been showing miniature horses for two years, but this year was the first time she showed goats and chickens as well.

"I showed seven animals at the county fair," Boumeester said. "I showed three miniature horses, two goats and two chickens."

Besides the 11 ribbons she won for her animals, Boumeester won the "Best Junior Doe in Show" in the Pygmy/Other Breed category. She also won the Herdmanship Award for the Open Poultry division. She won the award for keeping her animals cages clean at all times throughout the fair.

Even with all the ribbons Boumeester won, it is no easy task to show all of her animals.

"The easiest to show is my miniature horse Icee," Boumeester said. "Sammy is the hardest to show of all of them. He is pretty feisty, I had some treats and he bit me while he was trying to get to them."

Boumeester, daughter of Jim and Jody Boumeester, is planning on showing animals at county fairs again next year.