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Calculate energy cost with free meters

Pictured are Trudy Popenhagen, Xcel Energy's Community Service Manager; Library Staff Joan Bushman and Thyra Bednarczyk; and Friends of the Hudson Library President Jan Standafer. Photo submitted

Xcel Energy has donated 10 Power Check Meters to the Hudson Area Library. The meters may be checked out from the library and used to determine the operating cost of various home appliances. Available at the circulation desk, library patrons can check out the meters at no cost for a one-week period.

They come in a little red box which has a wattsupPRO meter, detailed instructions on its use, and additional tips and information to help residents save energy. The meters can be used with any standard 120-volt appliance or electronic device.

The meter counts the kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumption of an appliance or equipment that's plugged into the meter which is then plugged in a wall outlet. Once the kilowatt hours usage is known, it's easy to calculate the electrical expense by the day, week, or month.

Donation of the meters was facilitated by Friends of the Hudson Library.