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Hudson woman wins car on Price is Right

Alex Stoehr, center, is pictured along with her two daughters, Aubrey, 11, left, and Ardyn, 7, right. Stoehr is wearing the shirt she and her sisters wore during the show. The front says "Dolla Divas", while the back says, "Drew, Make It Rain".

"It was almost surreal," said Alex Stoehr of her experience on the hit game show, "The Price is Right."

Stoehr won a Honda Civic LX playing the game "Lucky Seven" on the daytime program.

She attended the show with her two sisters, Kaelynn Steinlicht and Dani Breen, on May 7. Stoehr and Steinlicht were visiting Breen, who lives in Pasadena, Calif.

They arrived in line at the studio around 6 a.m. In line, they were screened through interviews, filled out forms and took pictures. The sisters got into the studio at about 12:20 p.m.

Stoehr and her sisters were seated in the front row. She was not told she was selected to compete and did not find out until her name was called, she said. Stoehr was the second-to-last competitor called to the bidding podiums. She was surprised at her selection.

"My sisters are far more enigmatic and excitable than I am. I was astonished that I was the one who had made the impression."

In her first round, she won a Galaxy Note smart phone by outbidding the other three participants.

She then went on stage with show host Drew Carey, where she was able to maneuver her way through the game to come up with the correct price of $18,938 with $1 to spare in her hand, enough to take home the car.

Stoehr credits the "Price is Right" videogame her daughter received as a birthday present for helping her detect the car's price.

"Small compact cars are about the same price. They're between $16,000 -$19,000. Then you kind of know what numbers they end in," she said.

On the ride home, she and her sisters could not believe what had occurred.

"We were just looking at each other incredulously, like 'What just happened?'" she said.

Stoehr's episode did not air for three weeks, meaning she could not tell anyone what had happened. She told her daughters she had not won anything, so when they watched the episode, they were surprised.

"It was really weird, especially when she won the car," said Stoehr's oldest daughter, Aubrey.

Stoehr is not planning on keeping the car, which is currently being produced in Eau Claire.

"With the winters here, (two daughters), softball, and a dog, it would be hard to downsize to a two-door."

For now, she will stick to her 4-runner, though she did mention the possibility of trading in her prize for something more practical.

"Then I could still walk away with something newer," she said.

She already sold her Galaxy Note.

"I kinda love my iPhone a little bit too much."

Stoehr was not sure she even wanted to go to the show that early morning.

"I was the one trying to talk everyone out of it," she said.

Now, she is glad she did.

"It's fun. It was super interesting to see. Everything's always so different on TV."