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Actors to greet moviegoers at Hudson opening of 'Profile of a Killer'

"Portait of a Killer" opens Friday, April 26, at the Hudson 12 Theatre. The film was shot in Minnesota over two winters.

Actors Emily Fradenburgh and Dustin Booth will be at Hudson 12 Theatre at 6:30 p.m. Friday to meet moviegoers at the local opening of "Profile of a Killer."

Fradenburgh, originally from New Prague, Minn., and Booth, a native of Clear Lake, Wis., have roles in the Minnesota-made psychological thriller about the hunt for a teen-age serial killer.

The movie was filmed in Minnesota over two winters, at abandoned farmhouses and along the Mississippi River near Hastings.

Fradenburgh has appeared in many film and television roles, including "The Choo Choo Bob Show," "Nothing Without You," winner of the 2012 Toronto Independent Film Festival, and the 2011 film "Memorial Day" and "Cave Women on Mars." She also has acted on stage and in TV commericials.

Booth, who now resides in Los Angeles, last appeared in the film set in his hometown, "Clear Lake, Wis." It also is a psychological thriller.