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Local author writes new book, signing set for Dec. 15

Local author Ryan Keith Johnson is releasing his next book, titled “Blue Dragon Fantasy; Faded Memories and Short Stories”

The 200 page book is a collection of 33 short stories that range from fantasy, horror, romance, drama and comedy. The collection of 33 short stories will be available in February, but can be obtained from the author at area book signings.

Johnson is having book signings on Sunday, Dec 15 at Bert’s Coffee on Coulee Street Coffee Shop at 431 Second St. in Hudson from 9 to 11 a.m. and at Caribou on Coulee Road near Target in Hudson from 4 to 6 p.m. Also, that day he will be at Family Fresh Market in River Falls from noon to 2 p.m.

The book will come out in February at, and other sites online.

In “Blue Dragon Fantasy; Faded Memories and Short Stories” readers can find dramatic short stories called “She Says” and “She Says II” that are stories about grandmothers and how important they are. You can also read short stories that are horror, such as “The Flesh Beast”, “The Tooth Fairies” and the “Rototiller Bitch.” The strongest work of fantasy for all readers is “The Vampire and the Angel.” The story was inspired by a close friend. The story came about from his friend’s love for The Twilight Saga and the story begins when a female vampire finds a baby angel. Before she decides to kill it and drink its blood she decides to take it home and mend its broken wing. As the baby angel grows up to become a powerful Archangel she learns the value of her heart and that love is more than a feeling it’s a lesson to help you on your way. The angel goes to great lengths when the other vampires discover what’s going on. This story is the author’s strongest work in this book.

Johnson is the son of Karen and Lynde Johnson of Hudson. In 2007 he published “The King’s Retribution,” in 2008 he published “Strip Me Of My Gold” and received The Editor’s Choice Award for best poem. In June of 2011 he published “What I Think About You; Song Lyrics and Poetry.” In August he published his first Christian Novella “Lion Ascend” and two months later he published his first horror and thriller novella called “The Temple of the Incubus.”