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'Our Town' performances added

Pictured are Clara Ashwood of Hudson as Emily and Rusty Lavelle of Lino Lakes as George in a rehearsal scene from 'Our Town." Play dates are Jan. 17-Feb. 2 at the Phipps Center for the Arts in downtown Hudson. Submitted photo.

Because of popular demand, performances have been added to the production run of “Our Town,” by Thornton Wilder, at The Phipps Center for the Arts.

Profoundly moving as well as funny, this Pulitzer Prize-winning drama of life in the town of Grover’s Corners, N.H., in the early 20th century captures the richness and wonder of ordinary people living ordinary lives and encourages us to make a difference in our own. Scenes from the town’s history between the years 1901 and 1913 are performed without a set and the actors mime their actions without the use of props.

The plot focuses on two prominent families, the Webbs and the Gibbs. Doc Gibbs, played by Hudsonite Scott Peterson could easily have been a Dr. Hopkins or Dr. Anderson, for those familiar with Hudson’s history. Denise Baker, also from Hudson, plays Mrs. Gibbs. Sophie Tuchel from Hudson portrays Rebecca Gibbs, and Rusty Lavelle, of Lino Lakes, plays George, who takes a liking to Emily Webb.

Dan Bushman plays the local editor Charles Webb. Editor Webb’s wife is played by Hudsonite Karla Haas. Clara Ashwood, who brings her own family’s Phipps history with her to the stage, plays Emily, their daughter, and Wally Webb is played by Donald Haines, also from Hudson.

The stage manager, played by Mariah Christensen, of St. Paul, narrates throughout the play and paints a colorful picture of small town living. Hudson residents Kevin Christensen and Felicia Dominguez portray Constable Warren and Sam Craig, Emily’s cousin, respectively. Cast in the role of Joe Stoddard, the undertaker, is Hudsonite Chad Burt. Mike Brown of St. Paul is Howie Newsome, the milkman. Terry Gherty, also from Hudson, plays Professor Willard. Paul Opseth who plays Simon Stimson, the choirmaster, and Grady Zerse portraying Joe Crowell, the paperboy, call Hudson their home. The role of Si Crowell, Joe’s brother and also a paperboy, goes to Hudsonite Ben Knoke. Glenn Peterson, of Stillwater plays Farmer McCarthy and Anna Spradley of St. Paul portrays Lowella Soames, the town gossip. The cast is filled out with choir members from Hudson Julia Haas, Savannah Havens and Shauna Opseth as well as Lori Marita of River Falls, Ann Thompson of Stillwater and Nancy Yanish of Ellsworth.

Performances will be given from Jan. 17 through Feb. 2 on Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. as well as Sundays at 2 p.m. in the Black Box Theater.

General admission tickets are $22 for all adults and $15 for students 18 years and younger, with a $2 discount for seniors on the Sunday matinees. Reservations may be made by contacting The Phipps ticket office at (715) 386-8409 or online at