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Joe Loftus climbs the country music charts

Joe Loftus is shown at radio station WTNK in Hartsville, Tenn., with disc jockey Jerry Richmond. (Submitted photo)

Joe Loftus lives in Hudson with his wife Jane, but if his music continues to do well he may end up spending more time in Nashville than in the snowy north.

Loftus recorded his CD “Can’t Take the US From the USA” in September 2013 at the Sound Kitchen studio in Nashville. His original title track of the album is a strong patriotic message about the strength of the American people.

It was released to country radio stations in early January and has already climbed to #66 on the country charts. According to Darlene Fowler of HMG Publishing, just reaching the charts is phenomenal in such a short time.

Loftus has been writing lyrics, singing and playing guitar for decades. He has over 100 songs copyrighted. He performs with the nonprofit group “Our Melody Moments” several times a week at nursing homes throughout the Twin Cities and western Wisconsin.

Loftus is releasing a second song from his album, this time a ballad entitled “Little Hands Little Feet” which talks about the blessing of raising children. That track will be directed primarily to inspirational country music stations. There are five other original songs on the album, plus two Johnny Cash covers and one Elvis number.

Since their first trip to the recording studio, Loftus and his wife Jane, along with managers Bob and Janan Terpstra, have traveled to Nashville twice more. In January, they went on a week-long radio interview tour throughout Tennessee with one stop in Alabama, traveling almost 2,600 miles.

They were hoping for warmer weather than what they left at home but encountered three different snowstorms. They were caught for a few hours in Birmingham, Ala., in the storm that made the news in Georgia.

Loftus’ first interview was at WCKF in Ashland which is located on top of Alabama’s highest peak. The GPS had trouble locating the station but once the group arrived they were welcomed with open arms and Loftus enjoyed broadcasting with David Burkhalter. The second visit was to WLLX in Lawrenceburg, Tenn. Eddie Landtroop talked with Loftus and introduced him to the station owner, Roger Wright, who gave him a tour of their space including a dance hall.

Loftus was also warmly received in Jamestown, Tenn., at WDEB by Garry Clark and in Hartsville, Tenn., at WTNK by Jerry Richmond.

While on the air, Loftus talked about growing up around men who served in various wars and being a veteran himself. Those experiences plus the tragedy of 9/11 caused him to write “You Can’t Take the US From the USA.” Loftus also answered questions about starting his prolific songwriting during rehab for alcohol abuse, his childhood in a large Irish family, and his passionate love for God, family and country.

The team of four made a third trip to Tennessee just a few weeks later. Loftus was invited to perform on Feb. 18 along with six other artists at the Rutledge music venue before a group of record label producers. He was very well received by the crowd and stirred a great deal of interest.

While in Nashville, Loftus recorded a radio interview, along with three of his songs which will be broadcast on thousands of country music stations throughout the nation.

Those interested in learning more about Joe Loftus can visit him on Facebook, check out his website, or download his music from CD Baby, Amazon or iTunes.