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A lifetime passion for British sports cars brings the British to Hudson

On the left Bob Anderson, with his 1980 MGB, is the current president of the Minnesota MG Group. On the right is Bob Jensen with his 1962 MGA, is a former president of the Minnesota MG Group.1 / 9
Joey Halverson, representing Boy Scout Troop 148 will join other Troop members on Aug. 10 at BritFest 2013. They will help collect votes during the car show.2 / 9
0725.A.HSO.BRIT-Three @ct:From the left are June Moerke, with her 1978 MGB, which she purchased from Hudson residents Tim and Wendy Hood. The car is completely original, including the interior, paint and all the parts. Next is Tom Moerke with his 1975 Jensen-Healey, which features a Lotus engine. On the right is Tom Belongia with his 1952 MG-TD-Mark ll, a royal edition because that was the year Queen Elizabeth was crowned.3 / 9
Unique to Bob Jensen's 1962 MGA is the recessed grill. This was the last year the car was built. It was modified to have an MGB engine and a five speed transmission.4 / 9
5 / 9
Tom Belongia's 1952 MG-TD-Mark ll features all of the royal seals because it was the year Queen Elizabeth was crowned.6 / 9
June Moerke's first car was a 1961 MGA, which she drove for five years while she was teaching in Duluth.7 / 9
Tom Moerke fell in love with British sports cars early in his life. This was one of his first, a 1960 Morgan Plus 4. He was 24 at the time.8 / 9
June Moerke is one of the few who can say everything is original on her 1978 MGB.9 / 9

The British are coming -- to Hudson that is. On Aug. 10 Hudson is hosting for the third time, BritFest 2013, Vintage British Car Show. The show, sponsored by Dick's Bar and Grill runs from from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will be located on Walnut Street between Second and First Streets.

Awards will be presented at 2 p.m. Organizers are encouraging people to bring their British bikes and other types of vintage sports cars in addition to the many British brands expected to participate.

June and Tom Moerke, Hudson residents, have a passion for British sports cars than started when they were young.

Tom recalls, right after World War ll riding to town in a 1934 International truck and seeing a sports car go by with a girl sitting in it with a scarf flying.

"It looked like fun and it was so sporty," said Tom. As a young man, Tom owned a variety of British cars, and when he met and married June, it wasn't long before she caught the sports car bug.

The couple lived and worked in Duluth in their early years and had no problem navigating the hills, even in the winter with their British sports cars.

That was BC -- before children. After a 35-year gap their interest was rekindled.

"But I had longed for one the whole time," said Tom.

June surprised Tom on his 70 birthday with a 1975 Jensen-Healey. Soon she purchased her own British sports car, a 1978 MGB in original condition.

The couple finds they are more passionate about their cars than they were in their youth. Today, they belong to several clubs.

"Each club has a social event each month," said June. "They have technical sessions as well." At some of the events the owners are requested to dress in period clothing that matches the vintage of their cars.

All in all, the Moerkes are revisiting their youth and enjoying every minute of it.

They are members of the Minnesota MG Group which is the club hosting the Britfest 2013. Cars will be judged by Charity Voting, the proceeds benefitting Boy Scout Troop 148.

For more information contact Tom Belongia at (715) 781-0361