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Airlines help soldier return home to says good-bye to his dog

Private Dillon Koski with his dog Bronx. (Submitted photo)

He was 12 years old and suffering from kidney failure. The decision was made to let him go. He is Bronx, a Siberian Husky who come into the life of Army Private Dillon Koski when he was a puppy.

Koski, a 2012 graduate of Hudson High School, was on his way home from being stationed in near Seattle when he missed his flight.

“He was being transferred from Seattle to Fort Hood in Texas,” said Stephanie Koski, his mom. “In the meantime his dog was dying and we had the veterinarian scheduled to come out to the house the next day to euthanize him.”

Koski found himself at the airport with no way to get to Minneapolis. His mom started working the phones and the TSA and United and Alaskan airlines came through for her, Dillon and Bronx. They routed him through Portland and Denver with him arriving at 7:29 p.m. in Minneapolis.

“They were just great when I explained everything,” said Stephanie. “I just wanted to give them credit.”

“Bronx waited for Dillon to get home,” said Stephanie. “He hung in there until Dillon got home.”

That was on Oct. 5. The next day Dillon held Bronx closely until he died.

Private Dillon Koski is now serving as an military policeman in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.