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Circle program addresses sudden-death trauma

Kris Miner is the director of the St. Croix Valley Restorative Justice Program.

Facing a loved one's sudden death from homicide, suicide, traffic fatality or drug overdose often leaves survivors feeling alone and challenged to cope with the impact of a traumatic death.

The St. Croix Valley Restorative Justice Program offers free help: A six-week Survivor Circle series running March 28-May 2, and depending on size, mostly likely held at the program's center in River Falls, located 215 N. Second St., Suite 108.

Attendees come for each of the six weeks, meeting others impacted by "sudden, traumatic and preventable deaths."

Circle series participants take turns both listening to others and sharing their story in a safe place where participants are trained to be supportive and non-judgmental.

SCVRJP asks for pre-registration so that ample space and volunteer staff can be arranged.

Another six-week Survivor Circle series is planned for fall 2013.

SCVRJP started providing services in the region in 2003. Its programs address the social and emotional aspects of crime and conflict, working to foster understanding and healing.

The non-profit organization provides many different services aimed at helping people cope with trauma. Programs include underage consumption and victim-impact panels, teen driving and restorative response circles and controlled-substance intervention.

Learn more about SCVRJP at its website: To register for the upcoming Survivor Circle series, contact Direct Kris Miner at or (715) 425-1100.