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St. Joseph township EMS gets defibrillators

Thanks to a donation from a town resident all of the town of St. Joseph EMS teams are now equipped portable defibrillators. The announcement came at the board meeting Thursday, April 12. The machines, sometimes referred to simply as "paddles," can help shock-start a heart of patients who have suffered what would have been fatal heart attacks. In recent months in the surrounding areas, there have been two cases when these machines have been used to revive a patent, who otherwise would have died due to cardiac arrest. The town and EMS officials said they were grateful for the donation.

In addition, audio-video equipment has been recently donated to the town as well. The equipment, which included a projector, is now used during town board meeting to display documents that the board are currently discussing so that citizens in attendance can follow along with exactly what the board is debating.

"It really helps that people can see things now, and in years gone by, that just wasn't the case," said Town Chair Dan Gavin. "It was very generous from our town residents to help support the town."