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Hudsonites comment on Pope Francis being named 'Person of the Year'

“Habemus Papam!”

These Latin words, which translated mean: “We announce with great joy, we have a new Pope” were spoken to those gathered at Saint Peter’s Square and to millions of TV viewers on March 13. Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Argentina, chose the name Francis after Saint Francis of Assisi, patron saint of the poor.

Nine short months into his papacy, Pope Francis has captured the world’s imagination not by what he says about the faith but by how he lives out the faith. Recently, Pope Francis was named Time magazine’s Person of the Year. Hudsonites shared these thoughts about that distinction and about Pope Francis.

John Knutson, local businessman, co-owner of Catalyst Sports Medicine:

“The thing that I like most is the tolerance that he brings. He also seems very accessible, collaborative and kind. Through his actions, he has shown himself to be a common man for the common people. I look forward to many years of him at the helm; it appears that he has a terrific vision for the church moving forward.”

Phyllis Koss, webmaster and former Saint Patrick School teacher:

“The life of Pope Francis speaks to ordinary people of the world. In the midst of scandals and much focus on nonessentials, comes a gentle man who inspires us to remember why Jesus came to this earth. He is a powerful example to all of what following Jesus truly means.”

Larry Szyman, pastor for missional life, Faith Community Church:

“The tone of Francis’ leadership is noteworthy. It is a call to humility and not swagger; a call for the church to serve and not be served, which reflects our Lord who came to give His life a ransom for many. May many be caught up in this mans’ Christ who can make all things new as He is welcomed and celebrated in the hearts of His people.”

Mary Seyer, middle school religion teacher at Saint Patrick School

“Pope Francis is a wonderful example for my students. He is a man of compassion who cares about the poor, the hungry and the powerless. They can relate to him because he lives what he believes. He does not live in the papal palace; he lives in a residential hotel with ordinary people. He does not ride in a limousine -- he walks. He lives a simple life. My students are very interested in following the life of Pope Francis because they saw the beginning of his papacy, they saw his first appearance as pope when he came out on the balcony and asked the world to pray for him.”

Veronica Kolb, seventh-grade student at Saint Patrick School:

"Pope Francis is the absolute best for Person of the Year and he’s an awesome Pope.”

Skyeler Siwik, seventh-grade student at Saint Patrick School:

“Truly relatable.”

D. Paul Rode,owner of the Agave Kitchen:

“He will receive this honor more than once. He is just getting settled in to the position. Very exciting times for followers of J.C.”

Claire Zajac, attorney and local civic leader:

“Time magazine is acknowledging that Pope Francis is already having an impact far beyond the scope of the formal leader of the Roman Catholic Church. People of all faiths and ideologies are looking to him as a great role model for how to live simply and care for the poor and vulnerable. He does great honor to his namesake, Saint Francis of Assisi, and our world today needs more of that.”

Fr. John Gerritts, pastor of Saint Patrick Church:

“Pope Francis being named Time's magazine person of the year confirms in me that right now the world is so hungry for sincere and authentic people who reaffirm for us that there truly is goodness in our world. Every time I simply see a picture of him, it is like bringing a little light into my life.”