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HHS alumnus David Neuschwander is ordained

David Neuschwander was ordained a Catholic priest on June 1. (Submitted photos)1 / 3
Fr. David Neuschwander greets young parishioners as they bring their gifts during the offertory.2 / 3
David Neuschwander presented his mother, Mary Jo Neuschwander, with the maniturgium, a linen cloth used to wrap a newly ordained priest’s hands after they are anointed.3 / 3

On June 1 at the Cathedral of Christ the King in Superior, Hudson resident David Neuschwander was ordained a Catholic priest.

Neuschwander, 26, has been a resident of Hudson for over 15 years. He attended elementary school in North Hudson, progressed to middle school and graduated from Hudson High School in 2006.

Neuschwander first started considering his future as a priest when he was a freshman in high school. He had a religion class that started “striking him.” He started spending more time learning about religion, asking questions and taking part in prayer.

“There was one time in prayer when I felt a tug in my heart towards the priesthood,” Neuschwander said. “It surprised me because I had never considered it before, and as time went on, the tug never left.”

Neuschwander heard that the University of St. Thomas, where he ended up doing his undergraduate work, had a college seminary with monthly gatherings of young men thinking about the priesthood and considering being a part of the seminary.

“I thought the people in the seminary would be quiet and introverted,” Neuschwander said. “I had so many misconceptions, and I realized that I could see myself being there. I kept digging deeper into faith, and the more I dove in, the more drawn in I felt.”

He followed the tug towards being a part of the seminary and found himself learning more and more about priesthood. Aside from studying philosophy at St. Thomas, Neuschwander took part in daily prayer, Mass, retreats, meetings with spiritual directors, mentors and other young men thinking about priesthood and learned how to live a well-rounded and balanced life.

Neuschwander went on to do his graduate work at the University of Saint Mary of the Lake Directions, also called Mundelein Seminary, in Mundelein, Ill. The seminary provides a theological studies program that helped prepare him to proclaim and to teach God’s word.

Neuschwander was ordained in Superior but will be serving at a cluster of parishes in different cities in Wisconsin, including Haugen, Birchwood, Rice Lake and Dobie.

The ordainment process is usually inserted into a typical Sunday Mass. The one who is being ordained makes promises to the people about his future as a priest. Neuschwander made a number of promises: to pray, to preach and teach, to be obedient to the bishop and to promise his life to the Lord and the Lord's service.

In attendance at Neuschwander’s ordainment were priests and deacons from throughout the diocese, nuns from around the Midwest and his friends and family who made the journey from Hudson to Superior.

The newly ordained priest says that he is most excited to preach, teach and share his experiences with God. He said that he wants to be able to give back in some way because of the blessings he’s received from others.

“Religion has changed my life in a positive way and was my awakening process,” Neuschwander said. “It has given me so much purpose and clarity to life and I want to share the joy of God that I’ve been given.”