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Hudson man publishes fourth book

Ryan Johnson published his fourth book, "Lion Ascend", last month and will be signing it Dec. 10. Photo by Doug Stohlberg

A Hudson man has a passion for writing and his efforts have paid off as he released his fourth book last month.

By day, Ryan Johnson works at the Goodwill store in Hudson. By night he is a budding author.

"My social life has suffered, but I'm determined to write and promote my books in my free time," Johnson said. His latest offering is titled "Lion Ascend." Like his previous books, it is considered a short story -- what he calls a "novella." The book is about 80 pages.

Johnson actually graduated from Somerset High School in 1997, but his parents are both Hudson High School graduates, Lynde (HHS 1974) and Karen Johnson (HHS 1976, Karen Olson). Ryan has since moved back to Hudson where he lives today.

"I've always had an interest in writing," Johnson said. "I can trace it back to at least third grade where my teacher Mrs. (Kathleen) Irlbeck encouraged me. He grew up doing many of the normal teenage things like football and other sports, but his writing was always an outlet. He was first published as a 10th grader when a national publication picked up his poem about his grandmother.

His current book, "Lion Ascend," has appeal for all ages, but is especially targeted toward pre-teens and early teens.

In many ways it is a book about good and evil when evil Tigers oust the compassionate and protective Lions from power in the animal kingdom. The story marks the progress of the Lion Ascend as he takes on the task to unite the animals against the empire of the Tigers.

"Join Lion Ascend on his journey and find out if he finds the courage and defeats the tigers," Johnson said. Along the way he gets advice from a number of sources. Johnson said the book has some religious overtones and incorporates some his favorite Bible stories and various Biblical principles.

"I've actually been working on this book, revising and changing it, for the past decade," Johnson said. "With the fresh new look and book illustrations by Theresa Bliven, the readers get a story that is original, unique and will give the audience something to think about in their own life."

Johnson's previous writings include a book titled the "King's Retribution" (2007), "Strip Me Of My Gold" (2008) and "What I Think About You" (earlier in 2011). Don't expect Johnson to rest on his laurels, however, he already is working on several other books and is likely to be releasing more in the years to come.

The book are available at,, Book Machine and other sites.

Book signing

Johnson will be signing his new book at two locations Saturday, Dec. 10. He will be at the Somerset Library from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. and at Chapter 2 Book Store in Hudson from 2 to 5 p.m. The book sells from $10.99, but he is currently selling it for $7.99 for orders taken from him directly at his email site,