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Students perform in Harry Potter spoof

House Elves included, front from left, Katrina Manchanda (Scooter), Brady Kern (Clerby), Piper Leeson (Scrubber) and Emily Kottke (Pre-Soak); back, Ava Anderson (Apple), Mackenzie Kroll (Buffin), Madelyn Struve (Petunia), Claire Mooth (Flinker), Brielle Hagen (Daffodil) and Paige Hurtgen (Peace). Submitted photo1 / 2
This group included, from left, Maggie Smith (as JK Rowling), Gus Richter (as Draco Malfoy), Katrina Manchanda (as Hagrid), Elliana Hurtgen (as Luna Lovegood), Neely Swanson (as Moaning Myrtle), and Jack Burtis (as the Dementor). Submitted photo2 / 2

Audiences were spellbound when 25 Hudson students created magic on the Willow River Elementary stage. Students in the "From Page to Stage" Hudson Community Education class performed the spoof, 'Harry Potter and the Obnoxious Voice -- The Parody'.

The light-hearted comedy, written by Jeanette Janquish and directed by Nichole Jacobs, pokes a little fun while celebrating the book series so many have come to love. The show was a culmination of 12 weeks of classes in which the kids got a chance to learn some basic acting skills and experience the magic of live theater.

The students came from all six Hudson elementary schools.

The production included two performances with two casts of main characters. Those involved were: Konnor Loomis (River Crest) Harry Potter 1; Benjamin McNamara (North Hudson) Harry Potter 2; Madelyn Wolfgram (EP Rock) Hermione Granger 1; Emmy Leeson (Houlton) Hermione Granger 2; Olivia Kottke (EP Rock) Ron Weasley 1; Daunte Situmbeko (EP Rock) Ron Weasley 2; Sydney Monahan (River Crest) Winky 1; Chris Hagen (Prairie) Winky 2; Sarah Olson (River Crest) Dobby 1; Joanie Yeh (Houlton) Dobby 2; Maggie Smith (Prairie) JK Rowling/Snape; Katrina Manchanda (Prairie) Hagrid/House Elf Scooter; Elliana Hurtgen (Prairie) Luna Lovegood; Neely Swanson (Prairie) Moaning Myrtle; Gus Richter (Prairie) Draco Malfoy; Brielle Hagen (Prairie) Little Hermione/House Elf Daffodil; Jack Burtis (River Crest) Dementor/Dumbledore/Future Potter/Peeves; Ava Anderson (EP Rock) House Elf Apple; Mackenzie Kroll (Prairie) House Elf Buffin; Brady Kern (Prairie) House Elf Clerby; Claire Mooth (Willow River) House Elf Flinker; Paige Hurtgen (Prairie) House Elf Peace; Madeline Struve (Houlton) House Elf Petunia; Emily Kottke (EP Rock) House Elf Pre-Soak; and Piper Leeson (Houlton) House Elf Scrubber.  

See the May 31, 2012 print edition of the Star-Observer for more photos.