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Relay for Life chair Charles Huntley survived colon cancer

While he and his wife, Cynthia, were volunteers with Hudson's Relay for Life, Charles Huntley was diagnosed with colon cancer. He is an honorary chairperson of this year's Relay, which will be held June 21-22 on the Hudson Middle School athletic field.

In 2005, Charles Huntley went to the doctor because "something just didn't feel right."

He got a call a day later from his doctor while he was out of town celebrating his mother's 90 birthday, "And he said, you've got cancer."

"I was scared," Huntley said, "because I didn't know the extent of it."

When he arrived back home in Hudson, a series of tests, ultra sounds and meetings with specialists began.

"The doctors here in Hudson did everything," Huntley said. How well they coordinated his care impressed him. Doctors planned to perform surgery to remove the growth on his colon, which they predicted had been found early enough that it had not spread.

"After they found it, it was three weeks and I was done," Huntley said. "They said as far as we know, we got it all."

After meeting with his doctor on a regular basis, he was declared colon cancer free one year ago.

"I had cancer for a short period of time," he said, "and they removed whatever they needed to."

He said his story has a happy ending because he went to the doctor when he thought something was wrong.

"There's just all kinds of things that can go wrong with your body," he said. "If it just isn't right, go to the doctor and get it figured out. Cancer screenings sure beat the alternative."

This is the message that he said he will be delivering as an honorary co-chair at this year's Hudson Relay For Life's Survivor Dinner.

When he was asked to be, he said, "I'd be happy to (be a co-chair) because I think it's important that ... if something isn't right, get it diagnosed and get it taken care of."

He said this would give him the chance to talk about that importance.

"I started participating in (Relay For Life) through the years," Huntley said, when his wife Cynthia and her friends got involved with the Hudson group.

"I think Relay For Life is just a wonderful community event to raise some funds for cancer research," he said. "Maybe it can be prevented in the future."