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Animal shelter says it's getting inundated by puppy mill dogs

A Wisconsin animal shelter says it's getting inundated by dogs that are being abandoned by the puppy mills which are about to become illegal.

The New Life Pet Adoption Center in Marathon has taken in 25 dogs rescued from puppy mills in nearby Clark County - including 10 in the past couple months.

Volunteer Alyece Kleinschmidt tells the Wausau Daily Herald that all the dogs require a lot of rehabilitation and medical care, but she's thrilled to save every one she can.

Gov. Jim Doyle signed a bill in December that requires dog-breeding facilities to register with the state if they sell more than 25 pets a year.

Those places will have to follow strict new guidelines to care for the animals, unlike puppy mills that have been notorious for having sick pets in dirty conditions.

Wisconsin was among the last states to regulate dog-breeding facilities. Humane officials say it has made the Badger State a magnet for puppy mills.

The head of the Clark County Humane Society, Chuck Wegner, said about 2,500 dogs are living in puppy mills in his county alone.

Clark said that in some cases breeders are more concerned about volumes and profits than about the pets' welfare.

Legislators from that area led the charge to pass the breeding law.