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inBloom Wellness: Mothers' help is on the way

Emily Janisch is the owner and founder of inBloom Wellness. To the left of her are nursing necklaces from Greece, which give infants something to do while breast feeding. It is one of the unique offerings at inBloom located at 1810 Webster Street, within Inspiring Actions. Photo by Margaret A. Ontl

inBloom is a mother and wellness resource center, founded by Emily Janisch, E-MOT (which stand for experienced-mother of three).

"I felt there was a need in the community," said Janisch. "I have three children of my own and much of what I offer is based on my own experiences." Doula services may be offered in the future.

"It is hard the first couple of weeks after birth," said Janisch. "Now there is someone and something out there to help." She offers an assortment of programs from helping prepare for birth, to in home consultations regarding breast feeding and a four week series for nursing moms.

After seven years of providing help to friends and strangers, Janisch decided with the encouragement of many mothers and women to create inBloom Wellness. It is based out of an office located within Inspiring Actions.

"I come at this from a natural and holistic perspective," said Janisch. "Mothers can let go of all their fears."

Citing that for most mothers, it is a full six weeks after birth before their next doctor's visit.

"By then it is a lost cause, emotionally and physically," said Janisch, who also can provide hands on assistance in breast feeding.

"There is recognition from the medical community that there is a need for this support," said Janisch. "Whether you are a new mother or a tenured mother who wants to do things differently, inBloom offers services guidance and support."

"We are such an independent society," said Janisch. "How amazing the experience of child rearing could be if we had more support."

Janisch lives in Hudson with her husband and the three children. She has a degree in business management and marketing and has started working towards her MBA.

"I just fell in love with the community," said Janisch of Hudson. "It is a community where you feel so welcome. Everyone has been so kind."

For more information you may call 715-513-9611 or visit this website for complete details of over eight different programs and membership.