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Our View: Hudson has it all for holiday shopping

In Hudson the Christmas season kicks off this weekend with the annual Tour of Homes. The event gets thousands of people out and about and we think it is a good time to remind people that it makes good sense to shop locally.

Before the big box stores came into existence (Walmart, Target, Menards, etc.) local newspapers around the country always wrote editorials reminding people to shop locally and to support local merchants. Some of those editorials have disappeared from local newspapers in recent years because the national chains have come to virtually every community in the country.

There are still a couple of things to consider, however.

First, and foremost, the vast majority of businesses in the Hudson area are still locally owned. Many of those businesses are owned by your friends, neighbors and acquaintances.

Second, regardless who owns a business (big or small), that business has a huge stake in the local economy. Locally owned or not, a business in Hudson pays property taxes. A business in Hudson hires Hudson area employees who, in turn, generate local income which drives the local economy.

There was a time when many Hudsonites felt there was not a large enough selection of merchandise in the area. That argument, of course, has evaporated in the last decade. The good news is, Hudson merchants offer virtually any item that the majority of shoppers will seek during the Christmas shopping season.

On top of that, all stores have local employees -- and in most cases owners -- who will go the extra mile to assist friends and neighbors.

Hudson has truly become a shopping hub -- something residents only dreamed about 15 or 20 years ago. Whether it is our thriving downtown area, the busy hill area or locations in between, by shopping locally, residents will support the businesses that support our local schools and government services.

In addition to that, however, it is the local merchant who always supports local charitable organizations and fundraising events. Local merchants are always the first to be contacted when the infinite number of fundraising efforts take place in our community.

When it comes time to shop, it is only fair that we return the favor. Consider supporting Hudson merchants during the upcoming Christmas shopping season. It makes sense for a variety of reasons.