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The Great Book of Life adds pet chapters

The Introductory page to the Great Book of Life for Pets. Submitted photo

The Great Book of Life, which was launched last summer by former Hudson resident Joel Larson, has added a new feature. People can now document their pet's life in a chapter that will be linked to the owners.

"It was launched in December and it is still very new," said Larson. "We are excited that people will have the opportunity to write about themselves and their pets as well."

After conducting several focus panels it was determined that people had an interest in documenting their pets' lives as well.

"We listened to what they said and started developing the pet site," said Larson, who, after surviving cancer, decided to embark on developing a way people could share their life stories.

The pet chapters are set up similar to the regular chapters in that people can upload up to 300 photos and videos up to an hour in length depending on which package they buy.

"Pets are part of the family too," said Larson. "Their pages are totally customizable and we offer three package levels: silver, gold and platinum."

A pet care directory is also being added.

The goal of the Great Book of Life is for people to write their own stories.

"You can write about what you want to be remembered for," said Larson, founder of the Great Book of Life. The ambitious undertaking is offered nationwide. The website is easy to navigate and is intended to leave an informational legacy available for many generations to come.

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