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Voting begins for Grimm Tonight; only two hours to cast your vote

From Softball Shirts to posters and an assembly at Ellsworth High School Reed Grimm's friends and fans are hoping the area singer continues his American Idol journey this week.

Voting is critical for American Idol contestants to stay in the running now that taped shows have ended and live broadcasts begin Tuesday.

The top 12 males, one of which is local musician and singer Reed Grimm, perform tonight at 7 p.m.

People may vote, via phone or texting, for only two hours after the conclusion of the show in this time zone. Those votes determine which six contestants will be in the top 12 finalists. Wednesday night the process will be repeated for the top 12 females. The results, the top 12 finalists -- six males and six females -- will be revealed during the Thursday night broadcast of American Idol.

"Even if you never voted, Tuesday night is probably the most important night," said Colleen Raye, Grimm's mother, who is heading to Los Angeles along with Grimm's sisters, Jennifer and Sophie, to be in the audience for the live show. "It is the top 12 who participate in the American Idol tour, which is big."

Posters, fan websites and a rally at Ellsworth High School are all designed to help Grimm make it through this week's elimination round.

Voting remains the one step area residents can take that may help the Ellsworth native survive on the popular reality television show.

You may vote three different ways.


Using the toll-free number given for Reed, you may call for two hours after the show ends. Call often, you may vote as many times as you are able and you will often get a busy tone so just press redial and keep going. You will hear something like the following message when you get through: "Thank you for voting for contestant #1. Watch American Idol on Thursday for results."

Text vote if you have AT&T

Write down the four digit code for Reed given on screen. If you have AT&T, you may text your vote after the show for two hours. Text the word "VOTE" to the four digit code for Reed. This only works with AT&T.


If you have a Facebook account you may vote online through You may vote online up to 50 times and may vote until two hours after the show ends in Hawaii.

Tuesday night is the start of the next part of Reed Grimm's American Idol journey. He will only stay in the running if people vote.

You may visit the American Idol website at for addition tips on voting.

Be sure to check our website for frequent updates on Grimm's journey, and this week we share the contestant's thoughts about the importance of character.