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Urban Olive and Vine launches Apple-based hi-tech service solution

Kay Timm, owner of Urban Olive and Vine, and Greg Tellijohn, owner of MacXprts, teamed up to install a new point of sale system which utilizes the Apple iPad and iPhone devices. The cash register was replaced by the iPad and the servers now use an iPad Touch or Phone to place orders and ring up retail sales. Photo by Margaret A. Ontl

Urban Olive and Vine is many things to both its customers and its owner Kay Timm. It is a restaurant, wine bar, coffee shop, olive and vinegar gourmet shop and a retail store. Having so many wonderful choices adds to the fun of visiting the downtown location but keeping all the differences straight was a challenge for the entire staff including Timm. She started to look for a solution when she knew she needed a new point of sale system.

In February she discovered POSLavu, it looked like a system that would solve the major problem of entering retail, food and beverages on the same system. The added benefit was the cost difference. It was affordable.

At the same time, ironically, just down the street one of Timm's business neighbors Greg Tellijohn of MacXprts had been researching the same software product.

"I wanted to become a distributor after seeing it on the show 'Kitchen Nightmares,'" said Tellijohn. "So when Kay approached me, I became a distributor and said I would also be the local support for the product."

"I'm excited about selling and supporting the POSLavu system," said Tellijohn. "There's been a lot of momentum building for it, especially since it was featured by Chef Ramsey on television. I can help restaurant owners who didn't think they could afford a top-line system because this is one of the most affordable out there. In fact, I have a program with no up-front licensing costs."

POSLavu was introduced shortly after the launch of Apple's iPad. It was the first POS app for restaurants available on the Apple App store.

The system launched at Urban Olive on May 18 with Tellijohn on hand to smooth out operational wrinkles. Gone is the cash register. It was replaced by an iPad. Gone too are the order pads the servers used to take orders. They are replaced by iPhones or iPodTouch devices.

"It standardizes the servers' approach to the customers," said Timm. "It creates a consistency between them. Because the communication is instant, a server can go from table to table taking orders."

"What makes it so exciting is because it so flexible," said Tellijohn. "It is all web-based and its cost is two-thirds to one-half of other POS systems for restaurants."

"It has been fun working with Kay and I can just walk down the street to help.

"I am always looking for new products to diversify my business," said Tellijohn. "POSLavu is based in New Mexico and it sounded like a unique fit. I had sold some small POS systems but one of the great things about POSLavu is that the backend platform can be independent. It is exciting new software."

"Anybody any age can use this. It is cross generational," said Tellijohn. "This company is the largest developer of point of sale applications and this program has been very well received since it was launched in 2011."

"It was a perfect scenario," said Timm. "The customers love the new technology and it gives me all the flexibility to do all I need to do to manage my business. "I can take it home with me and it all uploads to Quick Books. From a retail perspective I can analyze the business sales easily."

Like magic, the system can customize table layouts, add retail items to a restaurant bill and print or email you your receipt or both. The servers can even use their own iPhones if they want. They just have to download the application.

"I hope it will help grow both of our businesses," said Tellijohn.

For more information about POSLavu, contact Greg Tellijohn, MacXprts at 510 Second St. in Hudson by phone at (715) 808-0269 or email at