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Pasta, what's not to like!!

John and Carol Marnell received an early Christmas present this year when their daughter Colleen and her husband Ron Suhanosky were featured in the December issue of "Martha Stewart Living" and published a cookbook as well. Submitted photo

Like the proud grandparents they are, John and Carol Marnell, had a special gift to give this year, a cookbook by their daughter Colleen and her husband Ron Suhanosky and written by Susan Simon. Not only does the recently published cookbook, Pasta Sfoglia, feature the creative spirit of Ron's passion for homemade pasta, it includes photos of Marnells grandchildren, Marcella, Vivian and Roman.

Since Ron Suhanosky and Colleen Marnell met when they were both students at the American Culinary Institute, they have explored their passion for Italian food. As young chefs they traveled and worked together in Italy and after their Nantucket wedding, they opened the first of their two restaurants, Sfoglia. In 2006 they opened a Manhattan location of Sfoglia and the success has been phenomenal. The waiting list for reservations is up to five weeks or more.

Sfoglia means an uncut sheet of pasta and it has been their homemade pasta which has set the couple's restaurants apart in the competition. From repeated appearances on Martha Stewart's television show to rave reviews in the likes of the New York Times, USA Today and Bon Appetit, Ron is comfortable with the media attention and was recently a guest on the Today show.

The cookbook Pasta Sfoglia is 204 pages featuring six chapters; Fresh Pasta, Dry Pasta, Filled Pasta, Gnocchi and Master Recipes.

The book is fun to read and the recipes have all been tested and prepared in a residential kitchen. So you can bring the joy that Ron exudes while making homemade pasta into your own kitchen.

John and Carol Marnell have lived in Hudson since the late 80s. They have three other children, Christopher, Jennifer and Tim.

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