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Knoke Chocolates teams up with The Phipps

Dave Knoke, owner of Knoke Chocolates, has teamed up with the Phipps offering the Golden Ticket chocolate bars.

Knoke Chocolates started a selling special Golden Ticket candy bars January 10.

It was the kick off of a five week promotion. Once a week through next week, a golden ticket will be found in one of the specially marked Knoke's Milk Chocolate Bars.

If you are the lucky one to have a "Golden Ticket" in a bar you purchased you will have the chance to be a chocolatier for a day, take home a tee-shirt, gift card and your own creations.

Also, the "Golden Ticket" includes two tickets to 'Willie Wonka Junior' playing at the Phipps Center for the Arts on weekends from February 12 until February 28.