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Hudson's Target starts extensive remodeling

A 'new' Target Store started to arrive in Hudson on Monday, when containers were delivered to the store's parking lot containing the new signage and fixture elements. Photo by Margaret A. Ontl

Shoppers, you will see the transformation before your eyes as the Hudson Target store undergoes an extensive remodel which began on Monday and is expected to be complete in mid-October. The store will remain open at all times, while it is being converted to a PFresh format.

"The PFresh format means the store will have 90 percent of what a Super Target carries," said Melissa Beglinger, who will be running the Hudson store remodel. "The whole store is getting a makeover."

After a successful two-store test, Target expanded the PFresh layout to eight stores by March of 2009. By the end of the 2009, they had introduced some form of PFresh to 108 new and remodeled stores across the chain, according to Eric Ebbe, manager of the Hudson Target.

"The PFresh stores offer an assortment that is focused on the items most often found on our guests' shopping list every week," continued Ebbe. "Offerings include an expanded dry, dairy and frozen assortment, as well as the addition of fresh perishables such as meat and produce. Some PFresh stores may include a bakery and a deli." The Hudson store will carry some bakery and deli items but will not have an in-store bakery.

Another change shoppers will notice is the open-market feel and the fact that nearly every item is packaged with a UPC code. This is by design so the items do not have to be weighed in the checkout line.

"This allows our stores to sell fresh food while still operating like general merchandise stores, with greater efficiency and reduced store workload," said Ebbe. "The PFresh stores are designed to feel like an open market grocery store."

As the remodel process gets underway, shoppers will have the chance to see the new department appear before their eyes. There will be a new electronics set, a new area called Destination Beauty and more.

In January of 2010, Target announced plans to roll-out PFresh to approximately 340 remodeled and 10 new stores. The Hudson store is on the list and the process begins this week.

"In the end it's great to have that much more to offer customers," said Beglinger.