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Collaborative Counseling opens doors for clients

Naomi Doriott, a licensed professional counselor, has opened Collaborative Counseling and Psychology. It is located at 1330 Hosford St., Suite B. Photo by Margaret A. Ontl

Hudson is a place Naomi Doriott is comfortable with professionally even though she presently lives in Minnesota and is a Twin Cities native.

"I have been in the area for the last three years," said Naomi Doriott, who opened Collaborative Counseling in Hudson on May 30. "I did my practicum at Croix Counseling in 2007-2008."

With an undergraduate degree from Hamline University, Doriott, at first considered being a forensic investigator. When chemistry tripped her up, she realized that she was close to a major in psychology. She graduated with a double major in criminal justice and psychology. After a brief stint in print journalism she took a position in southern Wisconsin at a residential treatment center, which ultimately changed her career path.

"What I saw there was a lot kids getting treated, put back in the same environment and then returned again," said Doriott. "I started to see role healthy families needed to play, it peaked my interest. That is when I applied for grad school."

With her master's degree from University of St. Thomas, Doriott soon realized that what she really enjoyed was counseling.

"I like to help people," said Doriott. "I am a bit of a generalist." Yet, her skills are wide-spread from specializing in young adults and teens to offering play therapy with children. She also works with self-injury clients, such as cutters.

"One of the big myths is that it is an attention seeking behavior," said Doriott. "That is not true. It is usually related to the feeling is creates."

Her own family experience helps her relate to her young clients.

"When I was a kid my parents got divorced and they said all three of us had to go to counseling," said Doriott. "I literally ran out of the car. So I get it that they don't want to be here."

"Counseling helps people live better lives," said Doriott, who is also has niches in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and wellness coaching.

"My vision is to be collaborating with other health care providers to make the care seamless," said Doriott. "I am really excited about being in the St. Croix Valley area." She is licensed in both Wisconsin and Minnesota and maintains a practice in Minnetonka as well.

Doriott is available for appointments Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. You may call (651) 329-2883 for more information or visit her website at