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Hudson Hospital to expand campus and services

This elevation shows the new building in relationship to the existing structure. The helipad will remain in the same location.1 / 2
This rendering of the new Medical Office Building planned for the Hudson Hospital Campus is a view from the southwest, near the existing hospital entrance and canopy. Images from Perkins + Will2 / 2

Health Partners Hudson Hospital and Clinics is planning a $10 million dollar expansion. As soon as they receive the necessary permits from the City of Hudson construction will begin.

Plans include a new 41,000 square foot Medical Office Building, creating a new entrance to the campus, installation of two new parking lots and removal some of the existing parking areas.

"Health Partners is building the building," said Marian Furlong, president of the Board of Directors. "They are investing in the building so we can continue to do things inside."

The building will be two floors and will follow the same principles as the existing structures. It will maintain the outside look and inside atmosphere. The Healing Arts program will be carried through the new building.

It is a three phase project. The first one will include creating a new entrance and parking lot with 233 spaces. Both will be located on the land acquired George and Mary Hoel. The second phase will be the construction of the Medical Office Building. Ground breaking is planned for this fall. The third phase will include closing the entrance and moving some of the parking spaces.

Once the building is complete it will be the new home for the rehabilitation department, infusion center, a children's infusion center and a separate internal medicine clinic.

The Specialty Clinics currently located on the second floor in the existing building will also move to the new building creating a Specialty Center.

"The Specialty Clinics experienced a 16 percent increase in volume just since last year," said Sheila Proehl, vice president of operations and CFO. "It will take approximately a year to complete the construction. With this type of growth we are going to need the space."

Health Partners will be leasing the other 50 percent of the building that is not going to be used by the hospital.

"They plan to lease the space to other health care providers who will help the hospital and the physicians meet the communities' needs," said Furlong. "The addition will also allow us to expand our pharmacy, café, conference rooms and the procedure center."

The architect is Perkins + Will, a Chicago based company founded in 1935. Their motto is 'Buildings that honor the broader goals of society.'