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Volunteers seek homes for 22 abandoned cats

Two groups in northwest Wisconsin are looking for families to adopt 22 cats that somebody dropped off inside four plastic bins at the front door of the Interstate Veterinary Hospital at Centuria in Polk County.

They don't know who left the cats Oct. 29; they had poked holes in the plastic bins so the pets could breathe. Seventeen cats are up for adoption at the Arnell Memorial Humane Society in Amery.

The rest of the felines are still at the hospital awaiting new homes. Mary Bruckner of the humane shelter says the cats are all healthy and friendly. All appear to be one-year-old or younger.

The veterinary hospital's owner, Mark Nelson, said whoever left the cats probably meant well, but they didn't think about the need to spay and neuter their pets. Those adopting from the hospital only need to pay a spaying or neutering fee.

The humane shelter has reduced its adoption fee. Those males have been neutered, and the females will be spayed when they're adopted.

Nelson said nobody wants to see the cats euthanized, but officials worry that the economy will discourage folks from adopting the cats.