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Bayday brings harmony through energy

Bayday, her spiritual name, helps clients achieve balance in their lives at Vibrational Light and Energy. Photo by Margaret A. Ontl

Energy is the life force and it is everywhere. Bayday, a woman who prefers to be called by her taken spiritual name, has worked with electrical energy for 25 years as an electrical technician. For the last several years, she branched out to her own business which serves the niche market of wiring specialized machinery in commercial and industrial settings.

About three years ago, Bayday started to recognize her gift -- a sensitivity to energy flow or the lack of it in people around her.

"When I started to pay attention to it, it started flowing like a movie," said Bayday, who moved from the metro Twin Cities area to Hudson 13 years ago. "I have been blessed and my ability continues to grow each day."

Bayday offers light touch spiritual energy healing.

"It is working with the energy in your body," said Bayday. "It gets aligned, balanced and by opening up the Chakras, it raises the vibration in the body so you become happy and healthy."

Everything vibrates at a unique frequency. As individuals go through life they are continually having physical, emotional, chemical and energetic events that negatively impact the body's innate ability to balance mechanisms.

In addition to the vibrational light and energy light touch healing, Bayday sells Young Living Essential Oils, Mellaluca products, crystals, pendulums, stones, herbs, and some supplements.

"I am trying to help people become healthy," said Bayday. "It is hard to see people struggle."

For more information or to make an appointment you may call (612) 910-4624. Vibrational Light and Energy is open by appointment from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. It is located at 594 Outpost Circle, Suite K.

"I try to make it affordable and work with my clients in that regard," said Bayday, who literally exudes energy. "My clients have had amazing results. I get so excited I don't know where to start when I see such wonderful results."

"I am truly blessed and thrilled to be able to share my gift," said Bayday.