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Vital Movement equals core fitness

Cindi Began, MS, PT, CSCS, a physical therapist and certified Pilates instructor, has opened a studio in the lower level of her town of Hudson home. Photo by Margaret A. Ontl

Cindi Began is a physical therapist by training and education. Since her graduation from the University of Alabama, she has never stopped learning new ways to help people heal, get in shape and establish new patterns of wellness.

"As a P.T. I had to take continuing education classes so I took one on Pilates," said Began. "After taking the class I was convinced this is what everybody needs -- patients and everybody else. I was sold: hook, line and sinker."

"These exercises help stabilize and prevent injury," continued Began. "From the low level patient to the high-end athlete it works."

According to Began, the program was created out of need by Joseph Pilates who was born in Germany. As a sickly lad he was determined to work hard to gain strength. His success was so profound that Hitler wanted to commission him to work with the German armed forces. He emigrated from Germany to the United States rather than work for Hitler. Settling in New York, he and his wife continued their work and became favored with the professional dance community. From there his unique program spread to average people who embraced it as well.

"Joseph Pilates was a genius as far as the body goes," said Began, who has been teaching fitness classes for 26 years. The native southerner moved north with her husband living in the Twin Cities and, for a time, in River Falls. At that time Began worked at Bethesda Hospital and Courage St. Croix in Stillwater as a physical therapist. The couple decided to move back to the South, specifically North Carolina, in 2006. Began taught fitness classes and eventually set up her own studio in Raleigh. The lure of the North was too strong.

"We both missed being up here," said Began. In June of this year the couple returned, settling in the town of Hudson where Began has opened her Vital Movement Studio in the lower level of their home.

"They say health is a prerequisite to happiness," said Began who is ready to help clients get on the road to health in more than one way. She is a licensed physical therapist, certified Pilates instructor, certified strength and conditioning specialist, TRX trainer, and yoga instructor. Her studio includes towers, reformers, wunda chairs, spinal correctors, the TRX suspension system, physio balls, bosu balls, medicine balls and kettle bells.

"I mix it up depending on the client," said Began, who acknowledges three times a week gives clients the maximum benefit in the shortest period of time. "Once a week works too, it is all about feeling better."

She offers private, semi-private appointments on all of the equipment and small group sessions on mats.

"The equipment is a little more of a total body workout," said Began, who teaches a Pilates mat class and is a substitute yoga instructor at the St. Croix Valley YMCA.

For more information on Began's classes and studio you may call (715) 386-3902 or (919) 621-3708, visit her website at or e-mail her at