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Local entrepreneur and author helps Hudson hear better

Deirdre Worrell wrote the book "Grandpa says 'What?'" She recently opened North Ridge Hearing in Hudson. An open house will be held Friday from 1-4 p.m. The book was illustrated by her daughter. Photo by Margaret Ontl

There is a new local business on Vine Street. Deirdre Worrell, a Wisconsin/Minnesota state-licensed audiologist and speech and language pathologist, published children's book author, and 16-year Hudson native, has opened a Hudson office for her company, North Ridge Hearing.

North Ridge Hearing is the second phase of a successful business started in Pepin where the first office for North Ridge Hearing sits next to the Worrell family-owned ice cream shop, Hear it Melt. The Worrells opened both businesses in July of this year.

Worrell has worked in a variety of settings including as a clinical supervisor at the UW-River Falls in the Communication Disorder Department. She has been testing hearing and fitting hearing aids in the Twin Cities area for the past eight years.

"Hearing loss affects every part of a person's emotional, physical and mental well-being," said Worrell. "It puts people at risk in an emergency and at a severe disadvantage in social situations. Hearing loss can decrease job performance, create problems in personal relationships, slow comprehension, and decrease quality of life."

Her passion for educating about hearing loss led her to write a children's book titled, "Grandpa says "What?" The book takes readers through the hearing aid fitting process with a creative story and a little humor.

"My hope is that grandparents will use this book to help their grandchildren understand what their hearing aids do and why they use them," said Worrell.

North Ridge Hearing sells all styles of hearing aids including receiver-in-the-canal technology. This technology, along with being discrete, helps clients feel less "plugged up," which is often a side effect of other technology where the ear is completely plugged with plastic.

Worrell is hosting an open house for her new business on 325 Vine St. on Nov. 12 from 1-4 p.m. Free hearing screenings are available as are signed copies of her book.

North Ridge Hearing offers free hearing testing, a 60-day free trial on all styles of hearing aids, and a variety of price ranges and payment options. Worrell is available for appointments by calling (715) 386-3111 or visit to book your appointment online.