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Walgreens Hudson Store is back on track to open

Walgreens new store in Hudson is located on Carmichael Road. It will be opening later this spring. Photo by Margaret A. Ontl

If you thought the opening of the new Walgreens store in Hudson appeared to be stalled, you were correct.

According to the City of Hudson's building inspector David Gray, the corporate office was considering making major changes to the inside of the building, which included moving the bathrooms.

"In the end they decided to go ahead with the original plan," said Gray. "The inside of the store will stay the same as it was initially planned." While structurally it did not change, the inside will definitely be different than existing stores.

"They are back on track now," said Gray. The store is expected to open later this spring. There is daily activity at the building.

Walgreens was founded in Chicago in 1901 by Charles R. Walgreen Sr. of Galesburg, Ill. Today, there are 7,830 drug stores, 224 in Wisconsin and 150 in Minnesota, according to the company's website.