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Construction slated for County F near Clifton Hollows

Roadwork on County F, one of Pierce County's most heavily travelled county roads, is scheduled to begin after Memorial Day.

The Clifton Hollow Bridge over the Kinnickinnic River in the town of Clifton will be replaced, along with associated road reconstruction from north of 770th Avenue to north of 820th Avenue. This includes reconstruction of the County FF intersection. The project will replace the aging bridge, improve alignment and add truck-climbing lanes on both the northbound and southbound hills.

Eighty percent of the project is funded by the state and federal government, with Pierce County paying for 20 percent. The low bid for the project was submitted to the Department of Transportation by Hoffman Construction Company for $4.9 million.

County F will be closed to through traffic during construction. This includes closure of the state park parking lot on County F north of the bridge. Access from the north to the Kinnickinnic State Park and Clifton Hollow Golf Course on 820th Avenue will be maintained throughout the project, as well as access to residents living within the project limits.

The posted detour will route northbound traffic to River Falls on Hwy. 29/35, then north on Hwy. 35 to Hanley Road in Hudson, returning to County F. The detour will utilize the same roads for southbound traffic. This route is necessary due to road construction occurring in the city of River Falls in 2012. A sign in Glen Park in River Falls will notify river users that road access at County F is closed.

As of press time, a May 29 start is anticipated for the project, with an early November 2012 completion. For project updates on County F and other Pierce County roads visit and click on 2012 Pierce County Road Projects.