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New T-Mobile store burglarized

The new Hudson T-Mobile store, 1920 Crestiew Dr. (Southside Center), was burglarized early Tuesday morning. Mobile telephones, electronic tablets and other equipment were missing.

Hudson Police Department Patrol Officer James Wildman was waiting at the door when employees arrived. They called manager Yasir Mansour who arrived shortly after.

"I was physically shaking," said Mansour. "It was such a shock."

A security tape showed that at 4:03 a.m. on June 26, a pair of burglars entered the store. The duo appeared to have an intimate knowledge of the building. They knew where to park. They broke the glass on the back door and entered. It apparently was not a coincidence that as they walked down the long narrow hallway, they knew exactly which door to break into.

The security footage made it clear, the team of thieves, were deliberate and calm. First the tape reveals a foot being punched through the sheet rock which covered the door. Then there were the flashlight beams, next a huge chunk of sheet rock moved into the area. As it fell away, it revealed one burglar, then a second one came through the hole. The team was completely covered in dark hoodies, gloves and what appeared to be dark nylons or masks covering their faces. No flesh was visible. The lights in the room went on as they entered.

They were inside the security cage when they emerged in the store, named The Phone Zone, which opened on June 1.

"They knew exactly what they were looking for," said owner Mansour, as he watched the security tape again, the day after the burglary. "They knew exactly what to take."

As the duo worked, they carefully read the boxes and if it wasn't something they wanted they either left it on the floor or put it back on the shelf.

Mansour, believes they took between 50 and 70 items. The tape shows the burglars took exclusively smart phones, ones that have data plan capabilities and tablets. They left all of the pay-as-you-go phones and phones that are not capable of data plans. They worked without haste, loading cardboard boxes with their items. One suspect left, leaving the other to fill another box, which was handed out through the hole in the wall.

"It's so weird that it had been so well planned," said Mansour. In four minutes they were gone, leaving a gaping hole.

By mid-afternoon on June 27 repairs were complete, but Mansour was still recovering.

"It is like they are hunting cell phones," said Mansour, having heard the Radio Shack store in Plaza 94 had been broken into just two nights before.

According the Bill Wanner, of BNA, owner of the building, the sheet rock had been in place since the area was built out for Mr. Movies. It covered a door which was visible only from inside the hallway.

Wanner was called because the back door was broken and the tall plastic garbage can from the women's restroom was missing.

It was then that he discovered the rest of the story.

It is believed the thieves dumped their items into the garbage can leaving the floor littered.

Through it all, Mansour, continued to say how thrilled he was to be in Hudson.

"People here are so nice," said Mansour. "They have been terrific neighbors. I love the community. It has been great. There are just some bad people."