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Final defendant in Portage 'House of Horrors' case gets plea deal

There will not be a trial in the so-called House of Horrors case in Portage.

The third and final defendant struck a plea deal Wednesday.

Michael Sisk, 26, pleaded guilty or no contest to nine charges and he entered an Alford plea to reckless homicide in the death of his housemate Tammie Garlin.

The Alford plea let Sisk maintain his innocence, while admitting there was enough evidence to convict him.

He did plead guilty to burying Garlin's body in the backyard of their Portage house.

Police were called there 14 months ago to see how Candace Clark's 2-year-old daughter was doing - and they found Garlin's grave, and her 11-year-old burned and abused son whimpering in the closet.

Later, they learned the group had traveled across the country committing identity theft and other crimes - and they had moved to Portage just a few months before the authorities moved in.

Clark pleaded no contest in July to homicide and other charges.

Michaela Clerc pleaded no contest in March to mayhem and other counts. She'll be sentenced Sept. 8.

Sentencings for Clark and Sisk have not been scheduled.

Sisk faces up to 82 years behind bars for his convictions.

His pleas averted a two-week trial set to begin Monday.

Garlin's daughter was also charged, but her case was later transferred to juvenile court.