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Energy policy touted by Obama, McCain campaigns

Energy policy was the topic with the Obama and McCain campaigns in Wisconsin.

At University of Wisconsin-Madison, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty makes the pitch for John McCain, whose focus on energy includes the nuclear option.

"It's going to take a federal government and a president that is open to it," Pawlenty said of the possibility of new nuclear plants being built in the U.S.

"The outcome of this election will determine that outcome. I believe that it Barack Obama gets elected, he will slam the door shut on these options."

But Obama spokesman Phil Walczak says Obama does not oppose nuclear power. Obama supports "safe, secure nuclear energy," says Walczak.

"He understands that any longterm enegery policy for this country is going to have to include many components, including a nuclear one."

Wisconsin Congressman Dave Obey implies McCain's energy policy will merely echo that of the Bush administration.

Last year, we tried to add more money for alternative (energy) research, and the White House fought us every step of the way," says Obey. "I didn't hear John McCain speaking up on our behalf."

Obey and Walczak took part in a conference call with reporters Monday morning, prior to Pawlenty's visit to the UW-Madison experimental nuclear reactor.