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Third child dies from Wausau duplex fire

A duplex fire in Wausau has claimed a third child's life.

Police say the blaze might have started in an extension cord in an adult bedroom that might have had too many things plugged into it, including a baby monitor.

Faith Fondie, 2, and her sister Mackenzie Block, 8, died right away Tuesday night.

Mitchell Block, 9, died at a Marshfield hospital a few hours after being rescued.

Their mother, Lorie Block, and her boyfriend, Nathan Fondie, both escaped unharmed, along with her four other kids ranging in age from 8 months to 17 years.

They all lived in the downstairs part of the duplex.

Three women living upstairs also got out safely.

According to Wausau Police Chief Jeff Hardel, Fondie was outside smoking a cigarette, then went back in and noticed the flames.

He woke up his girlfriend and they got as many kids as they could to go out.

At one point, Block flagged down a passing driver to call 911.

Fire officials said they tried to enter the burning home from every angle, but the intense heat pushed them back.

There's also the possibility there was more than one fire inside at the time.

Fondie was later arrested for some unrelated violations including bail jumping and defrauding an innkeeper.