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Waupaca woman arrested twice in 10 hours for drunken driving

A Waupaca woman who was arrested twice in 10 hours for drunken driving appears to be headed to prison.

Candice McConkey, 42, struck a plea deal Tuesday. She pleaded no contest to her fifth and sixth OWI offenses.

Charges of driving after revocation and bail jumping were dropped and McConkey faces 12 years of prison and extended supervision when she's sentenced on Nov. 11.

The two arrests came April 23 and 24.

An ambulance driver saw her car weaving near New London - and she was later arrested for having a blood alcohol content almost three times the legal limit.

She was released from jail, and got into a bar fight in Weyauwega the next day. Police removed her from the tavern, and she hitched a ride to New London where she got behind the wheel again.

She was caught again with a blood level about 2.5 times the legal limit. McConkey was still facing her fourth OWI charge at the time. She was later convicted of that.