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Badger marching band will be back Saturday at Camp Randall

The University of Wisconsin marching band will return to the field Saturday night when the Badger football team hosts Penn State in Madison. But they won't make road trips for awhile.

Those who instigated the recent hazing among the 315 band members could be reprimanded or even expelled.

Thursday, Dean of Students Lori Berquam said reports of unwanted sexual fondling could not be substantiated. But a number of hazing incidents were documented.

Students were confined in a bus bathroom for several hours. Blindfolded students removed the underwear of male band members in a Mystery Door game. And there were incidents of underage drinking and sleep deprivation.

Berquam said it was part of a culture that allowed demeaning activity.

Band director Mike Leckrone said everyone let it happen and the culture must change permanently.

Some students who were hazed have left the band. Berquam could not say how many.

While only a relative few committed the acts the entire band was punished by not being allowed to play last Saturday night at the Badger home game against Ohio State.

Many said it was wrong to punish everybody for the sins of a few. But it did encourage almost 70 band members to come forward with information.