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McCain takes the gloves off in Waukesha

Republican John McCain will wrap up his two-day Wisconsin campaign swing in La Crosse this morning (Friday).

Thursday, McCain and running mate Sarah Palin made their biggest attacks yet on Democrat Barack Obama - who regained a double-digit lead in the Wisconsin polls this week.

Still, questioners at McCain's town hall meeting in Waukesha said he wasn't being tough enough.

McCain said "I think I got the message."

He and Palin portrayed Obama as inexperienced and slippery. They attacked the Democrat's record on taxes, defense, abortion and McCain demanded full disclosure on Obama's relationship with anti-war activist William Ayres.

They also promoted McCain's plan to buy up distressed mortgages from banks, allowing more people to stay in their homes.

The Obama camp called it a risky scheme like the ones on Wall Street which got us into this mess. They said McCain would rather attack his opponent than attack the issues.

McCain said he had no choice but to say what might happen if Obama wins.

In Mosinee Thursday afternoon, McCain told an airport rally that Wisconsin is a tough state to win, but he must win it.

About 2,500 people were at the airport event. 4,500 saw McCain in Waukesha.