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GOP cuts McCain ads in state

State Republicans say there's no way John McCain will give up on winning Wisconsin.

That's after the Republican National Committee stopped its independent TV ads on McCain's behalf.

They ended Tuesday, just before McCain and Democrat Barack Obama held their final presidential debate last night.

The Associated Press said the Republican committee ended its ads in Wisconsin and Maine, doubled its budget to $10 million, and is now focusing on traditional GOP states where Democrat Barack Obama has an edge.

A Quinnipiac University poll on Tuesday gave Obama a 17-point lead in Wisconsin, but some in both parties have doubted it's really that much.

State GOP director Mark Jefferson says it's absurd to assume a massive McCain pullout, because the RNC's ads are just a small part of the big picture.

He said the national GOP recently sent a spokesman to the state to work through Election Day. In addition, the state and national parties continue to work together on direct mail and other promotions.

The McCain camp itself is still advertising, but in smaller markets like Wausau and La Crosse, Obama seems to have virtually owned the airwaves this week.

In the debate, McCain came out swinging. He accused Obama of trying to re-distribute private wealth, and associating with '60s radical William Ayres.

Obama said McCain was exaggerating and was distracting people from the tough economic issues voters want addressed.