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State sets up temporary link to help parents locate sex offenders on Halloween

The state will set up a temporary Internet link to help parents find the homes of sex offenders in their neighborhoods so kids can stay away from them on Halloween.

Registered sex offenders are not supposed to have contact with young trick-or-treaters on Halloween anyway.

Parents can use the state government's Internet registry of sex offenders to link temporarily to the Family Watchdog Web site, where offenders' homes are located on maps.

The link will be taken down after Halloween. But state corrections' secretary Rick Raemisch says his agency is working on a long-term mapping project.

Meanwhile, Raemisch says Wisconsin is doing a better job than most of finding sex offenders who further break the law by refusing to sign up for the state registry.

An enforcement program has netted 2,500 unregistered sex convicts since 2005.

Raemisch says the compliance rate for the state registry is 90 percent, compared to 70 percent nationally.