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Doyle declares public health emergency

Gov. Jim Doyle has declared a public health emergency in Wisconsin.

The state now has five probable cases of swine flu, after two more cropped up Thursday in Sheboygan and Ozaukee counties.

Doyle told the state's public health agency to do what's necessary to respond. Stockpiles of anti-viral medications will be given out as needed, and Wisconsinites can get them whether they have health insurance or not.

The governor also authorized the National Guard to help.

The state has submitted 228 suspected flu cases to the Centers for Disease Control for testing.

Most turned up negative, and 41 others are pending.

The five probable cases have not been confirmed yet. Two from Milwaukee and one from Adams County were reported Wednesday.

Hospital workers have received vaccines, after some in the Milwaukee area came down with flu-like symptoms while treating patients.

Most cases involved people who traveled to Mexico or places close to it. But Milwaukee health officials say that's no longer a crucial factor, now that the H1N1 virus is here.

At least seven schools in Milwaukee are closed today. Doyle has not called for large events to be canceled but "we are monitoring this hour-by-hour."

Milwaukee's Cinco de Mayo festival has been canceled for this weekend.