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Bielema says Badgers' solid home record averts major non-conference opponents

Wisconsin football coach Bret Bielema says the Badgers' solid home record is one reason they don't get major non-conference opponents at Camp Randall.

The Badgers have only hosted one non-league opponent from a BCS conference in the last three years, that being Washington State from the Pac-10 in 2007.

At the Big Ten meetings in Chicago yesterday, Bielema reminded reporters about Wisconsin's 30-3 home record in the last five years.

He said the Badgers try to schedule better teams - but when they consider home and home commitments, they find it's not as good a deal for them as they thought.

The Badgers will host Northern Illinois, Fresno State, and Wofford in their non-league games this year.

None of them are from BCS conferences. But the Badgers will host two Pac-10 schools next year, Oregon State and Arizona State.