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Man arrested for 1980 slayings of two 19-year-olds is due back in court today

A man arrested in Kentucky for the 1980 murders of two high school sweethearts in Jefferson County returns to a Louisville courtroom today.

Edward Edwards, 76, pleaded innocent Saturday to first-degree murder charges in the slayings of Tim Hack and Kelly Drew, both 19.

Next, he faces a probable cause hearing. And he still faces extradition back to Wisconsin, where Edwards faces life prison terms.

Over the weekend, the FBI confirmed that Edwards was on its Ten Most Wanted list in 1961.

He was considered a prime suspect in the killings of two 19-year-olds in Portland, Ore., in 1960. And officials said he impersonated a federal officer, fired shots at a house, and turned in fake fire alarms.

Other news reports said Edwards was involved in at least 43 robberies, including bank heists, plus other crimes in the 1950s and '60s.

He even wrote an autobiography in 1972 called "Metamorphosis of a Criminal."

Edwards was arrested last week in the Jefferson County slayings.

Officials said DNA from his semen was on Drew's pants found five days after she and Hack vanished.

They were last seen leaving a wedding reception in August 1980, at a hall where Edwards was a maintenance man at the time.