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Man 'Super Glued' by four angry women is accused in bizarre incidents

The Fond du Lac man who reportedly had his sexual organ glued to his stomach by four angry women is now accused of abusing a child, threatening his wife, and stealing the urn of her father's ashes.

Donessa Davis Sr., 36, was charged in Fond du Lac County Circuit Court Thursday with a felony and three misdemeanors. A $5,000 bond was ordered, and Davis is due back in court a week from today.

He made worldwide headlines after saying he was lured to a motel in Stockbridge and his wife and three women with whom he had affairs tied him up, and used Super Glue on his sex organ.

All four are due in court in Chilton Aug. 17.

The charges against Davis accuse him of giving head injuries to a child.

Prosecutors said he also gave his wife a message that he had her father's ashes and for every hour she didn't call him back, he'd dump out a cup of those ashes.

Also, the woman who allegedly did the gluing, Therese Ziemann of Menasha, quoted Davis as saying he took a $1 million insurance policy out on his wife, and he arranged to have a friend who was a sharpshooter in Iraq kill her.

Davis reportedly told police he didn't know a sharpshooter, but he was trying to "get a rise" out of his wife.