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New effort to allow carrying concealed weapons is compromise for more gun control

There's a new effort to let Wisconsinites carry concealed weapons.

But this time, Milwaukee's police chief and district attorney are floating the idea, as part of a compromise to create tougher gun control laws.

Chief Ed Flynn and District Attorney John Chisholm say they want to require background checks for the buyers of all guns in Wisconsin including those at gun shows.

And if they have to cut a deal by allowing concealed carry, so be it.

Right now, background checks are only required at federally-licensed gun shops and carrying a concealed weapon is a misdemeanor.

Flynn says there should be a tough process for granting concealed-carry permits and those caught without permits should be slapped with felonies.

Wisconsin is one of only two states that do not allow concealed weapons. Gov. Jim Doyle has vetoed previous Republican bills for it.

Doyle has long said he doesn't want people carrying hidden guns in shopping malls.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has also been a long-time opponent.

But Wednesday, chief of staff Pat Curley said the mayor urged the police chief and DA to keep talking to him about it.

They discussed the idea at a hearing held by Milwaukee's Public Safety Committee.

Mayor Barrett supports background checks for all gun purchases in the state.

But until now, he's been pushing a more modest package of reforms which include making it a felony to buy a gun for a criminal who cannot legally do so.