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Residents are falling behind on house payments

More and more Wisconsinites are falling behind on their mortgages.

In Green Bay, just more than 4 percent of homeowners were more than three months behind on their mortgage payments as of August.

That's according to First American CoreLogic, which also said 1.9 percent of Green Bay area homeowners were in foreclosure.

That's up from 1.3 percent the year before. K.C. Maurer, head of the Northeast Wisconsin Realtors Association, says the increase in delinquent mortgages may keep going all the way through 2012.

Counselor Steve Pamperin tells the Green Bay Press-Gazette said unemployment remains a big cause of delinquent payments.

But workers who've have their pay and hours cut are also feeling the pinch, especially those with large medical or credit card debts, and those with adjustable rate mortgages in which the rates skyrocketed.