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Census Bureau will hire 47,000 people in Wisconsin

The U.S. Census Bureau will hire 47,000 people in Wisconsin to help conduct next year's census.

Most will visit the homes of people who don't return the forms they'll get in the mail next March.

The nation's annual population count takes place every 10 years.

It not only tells us about ourselves. It determines how much federal aid each state and community gets, and it's used to help create new congressional and state legislative districts.

To get a job with the Census, you must be 18, pass a basic skills test and undergo a background check.

Regional director Stanley Moore says most Census employees will work in their own neighborhoods or communities, and work for about 2-6 weeks on nights and weekends. In Wisconsin, the jobs will pay $11-15 an hour.

Applicants can apply at Census offices, but some aren't open yet.

Those offices are in Milwaukee, West Allis, Kenosha, Madison, Oshkosh, Green Bay, Eau Claire and Superior.

More information is available online at