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Obama will attend a memorial service for soldiers killed and injured at Fort Hood

President Obama will attend a memorial service tomorrow honoring 13 soldiers killed and 30 others wounded at Fort Hood last Thursday.

Two soldiers from Wisconsin died and four others from the Badger State were injured.

And all but one of those soldiers were members of the same Wisconsin-based unit the alleged shooter was a part of the Army Reserve's 467th Medical Detachment from Madison.

Psychiatrist Nidal Hasan is the only suspect. He remains in critical but stable condition at an Army hospital.

Authorities have not determined a motive, and they're not sure when Hasan will face charges.

Senate Homeland Security Committee chairman Joe Lieberman says he'll investigate whether the Army should have known that the Hasan, 39, showed signs of becoming an Islamic extremist.

That was after Hasan's classmates at a military college quoted him as saying Islamic law trumped the U.S. Constitution, and suicide bombings are justified.

Army Chief of Staff George Casey warned about coming to conclusions until investigators finish their work.

He's worried about a backlash against Muslim U.S. soldiers.

Meanwhile, the husband of the medical unit's commander wants to know if the attack was aimed at members of Hasan's unit.

The unit is still planning to go to Afghanistan next month to help soldiers with their combat stress.

Sixteen victims of the Fort Hood attack were still hospitalized this morning.

As of Sunday, the only Wisconsinite still hospitalized was Dorothy Carskadon of Monona.

Amy Krueger of Kiel and Russell Saeger of Mount Pleasant were the Wisconsinites killed in the attack.

About 500 people attended a vigil for Krueger in Kiel Sunday night.